CBD helps reduce inflammation and pain. It may also be beneficial for suppressing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Additionally, CBD is beneficial for insomnia and relaxation or de-stressing. 

Enhance your wellness with our potent, natural, and high quality full-spectrum CBD oils. Made with a proprietary blend of ultra-premium water soluble/nano CBD, cold-pressed organic fruit extracts, and organic carrier oils. Enjoy the natural experience! 

  • Organic water soluble (nano) full-spectrum CBD
  • Organic cold-pressed fruit oils for flavor
  • Organic MCT and Grape Seed carrier oil
  • 900mg tincture provides 30mg/mL serving size
  • 1800mg tincture provides 60mg/mL serving size
  • 3600mg tincture provides 120mg/mL serving size
  • $49.99

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