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  • | Jackie Trivino

    What is CBD?

    What is CBD? Probably the question we get asked most often around here, but one that we really enjoy answering too! In a nutshell, CBD is an active compound (or cannabinoid) derived from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa. It has known therapeutic effects and can help with a range of conditions fro... View Post
  • | Jackie Trivino

    World Health Organization Report on CBD

    In 2017, the World Health Organization, or WHO, conducted an extensive study on CBD and it’s effects on humans. They found no public health risks or abuse potential for CBD, which is a big stamp of approval considering the source. Before we get into the report, let’s get a little background on t... View Post
  • | Jackie Trivino

    What to look for when searching for flavored full spectrum organic CBD oil?

    Things to Consider First Many people are on the search for high quality CBD oil, but what’s often most important to the consumer is the taste alongside the quality. As you may know, the CBD industry is not regulated and there are no strict laws in place to monitor quality of products in the indu... View Post
  • | Jackie Trivino

    What is the best CBD oil for 2020?

    After the last couple years of explosive growth and awareness of CBD products, you may be wondering what improvements to look for when shopping for CBD in 2020. There have been several key changes that make high-quality CBD much more effective now than it has ever been before. Water Soluble The ... View Post